Bylaws of the Gyro Club of Regina (Revised 2015)

The Gyro Club of Regina (the "Club") was chartered by Gyro International on the 28th of October 1921 and incorporated under the laws of the Province of Saskatchewan on the 25th of July1925.

The Regina Gyro Club is affiliated with Gyro International,[which is organized into a number of districts. The Regina Club is in District VIII. TheI Club is responsible for payment of dues assessed by both Gyro International and District VIII and is obligated to adhere to their objectives, policies and regulations.

These Bylaws of Gyro Club of Regina are as follows, and on the day they are approved by the membership will supersede all previously published bylaws of the Club.

1.1 The officers of the Club (the "Executive") are:
1.1.1 President
1.1.2 First Vice-President
1.1.3 Second Vice-President
1.1.4 Secretary
1.1.5 Treasurer.

1.2 The duties of these officers are as follows:
1.2.1 The President shall preside over all meetings of the Club and be its chief officer;
1.2.2 The First Vice-President shall assist the President and shall act when the President is absent;
1.2.3 The Second Vice-President shall in the absence of the President and First Vice-President, perform their duties;
1.2.4 The Secretary shall keep official records of the Club and maintain the official membership roster as required by the Board of Directors (section 1.3 below)
1.2.5 The Treasurer shall keep all financial records and accounts of the Club, shall receive and have custody of all funds, and shall disburse the same as directed by the Board of Directors. Unless otherwise directed by the Board of Directors, all moneys received by the Treasurer shall be deposited into an account in the name of the Club at a chartered bank or credit union. The Treasurer may, with the approval of the Board of Directors, invest funds over and above current requirements in guaranteed bonds or investment certificates.

1.3 There shall be a Board of Directors (the "Board") comprised of the said Officers, the Immediate Past President and four other members of the Club (the "Directors), which shall manage the affairs of the Club, but which management shall be subject always to the will of the members duly exercised and expressed at a meeting of the Club.

1.4 All members of the Board present at meetings are entitled to vote on all Board motions and decisions.

1.5 A quorum for a meeting of the members shall be 50% of the membership.

1.6 A quorumfor a meeting of the Board shall be 6 members.

2. Elections
2.1 Officers: The said officers shall be elected by the members at the last meeting of the Club in the month of May in each year, to hold office for one year from and including the 1st day of July. Any officer is eligible to be re-elected to the same or another office.
2.2 Directors: The directors shall be elected by the members at the last meeting of the Club in the month of May, to hold office from and including the 1st day of July, for a two-year term with one half to be elected each year with appropriate adjustment to be made for the terms in effect when these revised bylaws come into effect. Any Director is eligible to be reelected for another term or terms.
2.3 Vacancies During the fiscal year, if for any reason there. is a vacancy on the Board, whether it is an Officer or a Director, the Board may fill the vacancy as it may determine.

3. Installation of Officers and Directors
The installation of all the officers, the directors and immediate Past President shall be held during the last meeting of the Club in the month of June. An officer or person approved by District VIII shall do the installation.

4. Financial Affairs
4.1 The fiscal year of the Club shall run from July1st to and including the following June 30th.
4.2 The financial statements for the fiscal year ended shall be presented at the third meeting of the Club in September, along with the audit report concerning the same.
4.3 At the same time the Treasurer shall submit a budget for the estimated revenues and expenditures for the ensuing fiscal year, as approved by the Board and recommended to the members for their approval.
4.4 Upon receipt of notice as to the amount of the annual membership dues payable, each member forthwith thereafter shall paydues to the Secretary.
4.5 Other than the payment of the membership dues, there shall be no contributions requested or money solicited from the members except with the approval of the Board; and no financial expenditure may be voted on at any meeting of the Club unless suchexpenditure has first received approval of the Board.
4.6 All cheques written on the Club's current account must be signed by two duly authorized members. After the installation of officers in June, arrangements will be made to authorize a minimum of four cheque-signers from among the officers and directors.

5. New Members
An application for membership into the Club may be proposed by a Club member who personally knows the applicant. Alternatively, a prospective new member, who is not personally known to a Club member, may apply for membership in a letter containing: the applicant's full name, age, residence, occupations and affiliations as relevant, plus the names and contact information for two personal references, Upon acceptance by the Club, the new member shall pay the initiation fee and dues pro-rated for the balance of the fiscal year.

6. Expulsion of Members
The Board may recommend, to the members at any meeting, the expulsion of a member for non-payment of dues or for conduct unbecoming a member of the Gyro Club of Regina, or conduct likely to endanger the welfare of the Club. The members shall accept or reject the recommendation.

7. Resignation
Resignation, during the fiscal year, must be in writing and delivered to the Secretary, personally, by mail or electronic mail. Normally, the pro-rated portion of dues for the balance of the fiscal year shall not be returned to the resigning member.

8. Retiree Status
A member who retires from membership for reasons of health and/or inability to continue to enjoy full membership privileges may, if the retiree wishes, maintain friendship connections with the recommendation of the Board and the acceptance of the members at a general meeting. The retiree may do so without paying membership dues but will be responsible for any costs associated with the events attended. Retirees taking advantage of this section shall not have voting rights in the Club.

9. Meetings
The Board shall determine the day and the number of meetings to be held each month and at its discretion may call special meetings.

10. Effective Date of Revised Bylaws
These revised bylaws shall be in full force and effect, upon the recommendation of the Board and the acceptance of the members.

11. Acceptance and Approval of Revised Bylaws
These Revised Bylaws have been recommended by the Board of the Gyro Club of Regina, and approved by a meeting of the members on : (3 December, 2015) .

Signed By ___(Alex MacDonald)____________________ President, and _____(Terence Field)_________________ Secretary.